Israel Mission


Join the Tampa JCCs & Federation on an important mission trip to Israel!


February  17-23 (including travel days)



For 5-6 days and 5 nights (including travel) you will be immersed and engaged in volunteer activities with Israelis as well as hear from experts and those who are experiencing challenges of the war first-hand. 


A truly meaningful experience.


For more information contact Jack Ross at 813-431-3062




Per Person/Double Occupancy


*Pricing based on 15 participants, if under 15, price will increase to $2,985.





Additional Cost for Single Occupancy





Payment is due in full upon registration.

Must register by January 31, 2024




Planned Itinerary*



Solidarity Mission to Israel 
Updated Planned Itinerary (as of 1.22.24) 


*Please note, the itinerary below is subject to change based on availability, and unforeseen circumstances. 


Day 1 : Sunday, February 18th 


  • Upon arrival at Ben Gurion airport, you will be met by an Amiel representative who will assist you through passport control and baggage claim and take you to your guide and awaiting transfer.  


  • Transfer to Tel Aviv. Check in to your hotel. 


  • Dinner at a restaurant or at hotel.  


  • Framing your visit: Participate in the Changing Map of Israel Interactive activity, presented to you by Joe Perlov, an educator, community leader, and lecturer. This program uses a map of Israel and the Middle East, constructed together with the participants, to focus on the history, competing narratives, and contemporary political, social cultural and security issues facing Israel and its’ neighbors.  

Overnight, Tel Aviv  


Day 2: Monday, February 19th  


  • Breakfast at hotel.  


  • Visit the headquarters of ‘Brothers in Arms’ at Expo Tel Aviv. Here you will meet with activists that rose up to the challenge after October 7th, and together with thousands of volunteers have been organizing everything from medical supplies, psychological support, clothing and equipment for displaced families from the Gaza border area. You will also take part and assist with sorting supplies.  


  • Visit one of the hidden gems in Tel Aviv - Hatikva Market, which is said to be one of the most authentic markets in Israel. From original yemenite restaurants, delicious Kurdish and Iraqi cuisine, through contemporary stalls, this market gives you a glimpse into the very core of Israeli cultural diversity. Taste local produce, chat with the vendors and explore the recently renewed market. Enjoy lunch on your own.  


  • Visit Tel Hashomer hospital and meet with wounded soldiers and citizens, as well as hear stories from the doctors who have been treating the wounded since October 7th.  


  • This evening, visit with the hostages and missing families forum at their headquarters. Stand with the families and show your support to the cause of bringing the hostages back home.  


  • Dinner on own.  


  • This evening you will visitHostages Square’, where you will walk through the displayed exhibitions calling to bring back the hostages from Gaza.  

Overnight, Tel Aviv  


Day 3: Tuesday, February 20th  

(*The activities on this day are subject to the IDF’s confirmation. In case we are unable to visit the Gaza perimeter area due to security concerns, you will take part in volunteering at another location in Israel). 


  • Breakfast at hotel.  


  • Travel to the Gaza peremiter area. 


  • Meet with Col. (Res.) Grisha Yakubovich, an expert sought out by the international community on policy matters pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian dynamic. Grisha will frame the stories and challenges that Israel faced before October 7th and the challenges Israel will have to face in the future, following the heartwrenching events of October 7th  


  • Head to the city of Ofakim OR Netivot which has been constantly hit by rocket fire from terrorists inside Gaza for the past 20 years, and are two of the most targeted towns in the October 7th events. Tour the various locations damaged by rockets and learn about how the town is dealing with this on-going situation. Visit one of the Resilience Centers which serves as an emotional emergency room, providing individual, family and group therapies to anyone who needs them within the community. 


  • Lunch en route 


  • Travel to one of the towns/kibbutzim, such as Ein Habsor, which were affected by the October 7th events and meet with a local who will share their story. 

  • Plant a tree - feel your connection with the land of Israel by planting a tree with your own hands, and take an active part in the efforts to revive the Gaza perimeter area.  


  • Travel back to Tel Aviv.  


  • Meet with an Israeli journalist for a briefing on the events that took place on October 7th from a Journalist point of view, followed by a Q & A session.  


  • Dinner on own.  

Overnight, Tel Aviv  



Day 4: Wednesday, February 21th 


  • Breakfast at hotel.  


  • Agriculture in Israel has been greatly affected by the war. Many of the foreign workers left when the war began and many of the men in Israel who worked the fields, have been called for reserve duty. Today, you will volunteer at one of these fields, whether it be picking fruit, or vegetables – get ready to roll up your sleeves and take part in this nation wide effort to make sure Israel’s produce doesn’t go to waste. 


  • This afternoon, you will visit ERAN, a non-profit organization that provides Lifesaving Emotional First Aid Services, offering initial response and emotional support on the phone and online, while maintaining strict confidentiality and anonymity. Since the war broke out, the Eran volunteers have been working 24/7, answering calls from people who are seeking emotional suppport during these times.  


  • Visit one of many hotels in Israel, that has been hosting the displaced families. Meet with the these families, who will share their stories from October 7th, and how they have been coping with their new lives being displaced from their homes.  


  • Dinner on own.  


  • This evening, you will meet with Youssef Hadad, an Arab-Israeli advocacy activist for Israel. Since the war broke out, Yossef has played a huge part in advocating for Israel.  
    Overnight, Tel Aviv  


Day 5: Thursday, February 22nd 


  • Following breakfast at the hotel, travel to Jerusalem.  


  • Visit with United Hatzalah headquarters. United Hatzalah is a community based volunteer emergency medical services organization that is commited to providing the fastest response to medical emergencies across Israel, and is completely free of charge. Hear the stories from first responders who had to evacuate the wounded on October 7th, while being fired at with rockets from the air,  and bullets fired by terrrorists from the ground.  


  • Continue to Israel’s National Memorial Hall for Fallen Soldiers at Mt. Herzl, where the names of the fallen soldiers of the October 7th attacks have recently been added. Here we will have a short ceremony commemorating the fallen soldiers.  


  • Visit the Machane Yehuda Market for a tasting tour through the different stalls of the market.   


  • Volunteer with an organization that packs essential supplies which will be delivered to the people from the Gaza paremiter kibbutzim and towns, who have been displaced from their home and are living in hotels all over Israel since October 7th 


  • This afternoon, arrive at the Western Wall, for time to reflect and to pray 


  • Return to Tel Aviv.  


  • Closing dinner at a restaurant in Tel Aviv, accompanied by a government official. Discuss the governments’ plans for the future and how they plan to assist with rebuilding and healing the affected communities.  




Day 6: Friday, February 23rd 


  • Breakfast at hotel. 

  • Transfer to Ben Gurion airport for departure flight.