How You Can Be An Advocate

Speak Out to the Media 

Read the newspaper, listen to the radio or watch television and respond. If information or an editorial opinion is inaccurate or unfair, contact the newspaper, magazine, radio or television station and explain the facts. If the information or opinion is positive, a letter to the editor will reinforce positive messages.

The Letter to the Editor Section is one of the most widely read sections of the newspaper and can reach a large audience. It allows community members to comment on the way issues are being addressed in the media and to influence the topics the local paper may choose to cover. Elected officials often monitor this section of the newspaper and take notice of constituents' opinions.

Speak Out to the Government

Your voice carries more weight in Washington than you might think. Members of Congress pay a lot of attention to what their constituents say; calls, emails and letters can influence a lawmaker’s vote. The White House also closely tracks messages it receives from the public. To carry the greatest weight, your message should be in your own words rather than a “canned” message identical to dozens of others arriving at the same time. Be concise, but try to combine your specific request to the legislator with a personal statement of why, for example, Israel is important to you.