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Time’s Echo

Current winner of the prestigious Sami Rohr Prize, Time’s Echo, is an extraordinary and (for me) an extraordinarily challenging book in which music critic author, Jeremy Eichler, analyzes music’s “ability to recall the past.” Music, Eichler posits, is a “carrier of memory," as…


Stockholm by Noa Yedlin Israeli author Noa Yedlin’s new work, Stockholm, is packed with hijinks, shenanigans, escapade and ‘best laid plans’ that go terribly awry. It’s only a few days before, “the call," announcing the winner of the prestigious Nobel Prize. A shoo-in for…

The Wolf Hunt

Israeli-American, Leela Shuster, the narrator and protagonist of the psychological thriller, The Wolf Hunt, feels overwhelmed amid rumors alleging her teenage son, Adam, murdered Jamal Jones, a black American student. Leela insists Adam is unequivocally innocent of any crime. Author…

Take What You Need

In 2017, author Idra Novey won the coveted Sami Rohr Prize for Jewish literature. Her darkly humorous novel, Take What you Need, might be a contender again. Novey’s inspiration comes from Louise Bourgeois, whose work challenged a conservative patriarchal world-view.

The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store

Granted, at the center of James McBride’s new work is a superb murder mystery. However, The Heaven and Earth Grocery Store moves far beyond unraveling the quandary facing a property development company which, in 1972, discovers a skeleton and a mezuzah in an abandoned well.