About Us

Our Mission


Our mission is to strengthen the health, education, culture and welfare of our community; to enrich Jewish life in the Tampa Bay area; and to connect with and support the people of Israel and the global Jewish community. 


Our Vision

The Tampa Jewish Community Centers and Federation is the heart of a vibrant, harmonious and connected community that embraces everyone. 


We strive to:

  1. Be the center for Jewish activity in Tampa and provide a warm and welcoming environment; 
  2. Offer first-class educational, cultural and wellness programming, services and facilities for both children and adults; 
  3. Serve as the connective tissue between and among all Jewish organizations, agencies and groups, and between the Jewish and secular communities; 
  4. Provide a work environment that helps recruit, recognize and reward excellence in staff and volunteers; 
  5. Actively build our connection with the people of Israel and the global Jewish community; 
  6. Meet our current fiscal needs and financially secure our future;  
  7. Support the financial needs of our community, the people of Israel, and the global Jewish community; and 
  8. Enhance and protect the long-term viability of Jewish life in our community. 

Our Values and Guiding Principles

Tzedakah and caring for Jewish causes

Commitment to the survival of world Jewry.

Love for Jewish culture, traditions and learning.

Respect for others.

Communication that is truthful and open.

We work to strengthen family life, promote the health, education and welfare of our membership and our community, and to ensure for ourselves and future generations, Jewish continuity and identification with Jewish values, culture and heritage.

We work to enrich the quality of Jewish life in Tampa by bringing comfort and hope to the vulnerable and by investing in programs that build Jewish knowledge, identity and ensuring the next generation of Jews.

Our Annual Campaign raises millions of dollars each year to fund agencies locally — including Jewish day schools, synagogue religious schools and the Tampa Jewish Community Center, as well as numerous social-service programs to care for those in need in Tampa. One of the main goals of the Federation is to raise, collect and allocate funds from the community for the support of those services and to preserve a vibrant Jewish life in the United States, Israel and throughout the world. In Israel, Federation is affecting change and enhancing lives by helping to settle immigrants, assisting in times of crisis, and engaging in special partnerships with our sister city of Ashdod.