Jews in the News:Sarah Michelle Gellar, Julianne Margulies and Jake Gyllenh

A former "Gossip Girl" co-star, Setton is Syrian Jewish on her father's side and Ashkenazi on her mother's side. Her wealthy family supports New York yeshivas. Like JERRY SEINFELD (whose late father was Ashkenazi and whose mother is Syrian Jewish), Setton grew-up in Nassau County, Long Island, NY.  (She's from Great Neck and he is from Massapequa).

I previously wrote that "Mom," a CBS sit-com which began on Sept. 23, was created by CHUCK LORRE and starred Anna Faris as a waitress/ recovering alcoholic with a spirited teen daughter. Well, the daughter's boyfriend, Luke, a series regular, is played by actor SPENCER DANIELS, 20, whose mother is Jewish.

The ABC series,"Betrayal," which began on September 29, was not previously mentioned in this column. It stars HANNAH WARE, 30, as a photographer who is having an extramarital affair with a lawyer for a powerful family. A murder trial complicates things further.

Ware, a UK native, is the sister of JESSIE WARE, 28, a singer/songwriter whose 2012 debut CD was huge in Great Britain. The Ware sisters, who have both described themselves as "Jewish" in interviews, are the daughters of a Jewish mother who is a social worker. I don't believe their father, John Ware, a prominent BBC TV journalist, is Jewish.

Hannah, a former fashion model, is so strikingly beautiful that when she was interviewed recently by Jimmy Kimmel, practically the first question he asked was, "Were your parents attractive, too?"

You can see the Kimmel interview on this link:

Kimmel/Ware Interview

And Yet More Tribe Members Join the Cast of Hit Shows/Charles Gets Married

The CBS lawyer series, "The Good Wife," ended last season with Alicia (JULIANNE MARGULIES, 48) and another partner, Cary (Matt Czuchry), preparing to secretly leave their law firm, Lockhart-Gardner, and set up their own firm.  BEN RAPPAPORT, 27, has joined the cast, playing a smart young associate who leaves Lockhart-Gardner at Alicia and Cary's invitation and joins their new firm. Rappaport was the star of the short-lived series, "Outsourced," and appeared last season on "Elementary." (Started Sept. 29)

JOSH CHARLES, 41, who co-stars as Will Gardner in "The Good Wife," wed his long-time girlfriend, SOPHIE FLACK, 30, on Sept. 6. No details of the private small wedding were released. Flack, whose mother is Jewish, is a performance and visual artist, novelist and former dancer with the New York City Ballet. Charles' Jewish father was a prominent Baltimore advertising exec and his mother used to write a popular local newspaper gossip column. (His mother wasn't born Jewish. Whether she "converted-in" is unknown to me.).

Last year, Charles told the Hollywood Reporter that during his two-year stint (1998-2000) on the HBO program "In Treatment", which was based on an Israeli TV series, he did work he was "very proud of"--and that the therapy in the series echoed therapy that had helped him. He added that the series touched him for one other reason: “The fact that it’s something that started in Israel gave me, as a Jew, a tremendous sense of pride, to be perfectly frank with you. There’s such great creativity coming out of that country, and a lot of times we don’t always hear about that.”

The second episode of the HBO show, "Boardwalk Empire," found star character Nucky Thompson in Tampa. The year is 1924, Prohibition is in effect, and Thompson, a powerful underworld figure in Atlantic City,  was in Tampa to explore the possibility of a creating a new avenue to bring in (illegal) alcohol to the States and make a lot of money.  While in Tampa, he meets Sally Wheet, a tough-as-nails speakeasy owner. There are hints that these two toughies will become more than friends. PATRICIA ARQUETTE, 45, plays Wheet. (Her late mother was Jewish).

At the Movies

Quote of the Week:

"My dad descends from the Swedish Gyllenhaal family, a noble lineage that my ancestor Nils Gunnarsson Haal established in the 17th century and which has been very influential in Sweden for a long time. But I see myself as a Jew since my mother is a Russian-Jewish New Yorker." --- JAKE GYLLENHAAL, 32, speaking to the German version of "GQ" this month. His new film, "Prisoners," is still in some local theaters.

"Parkland," which opens on Oct. 4, weaves together the stories of several real life people whose lives were changed in the immediate aftermath of President Kennedy's assassination, including ABRAHAM ZAPRUDER (1905-1970), the Dallas clothing manufacturer who filmed the famous short movie of the President's motorcade that included the actual moment when the President was hit. Paul Giamatti plays Zapruder. Giamatti, an atheist who often plays Jews; is married to a Jewish woman, and their young son is being raised in his mother's faith.

The film is directed and written by PETER LANDESMAN, 48, a former NY Times journalist making his feature film debut.

The HBO original film, "Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight," premieres on Sunday, Oct. 6.  In 1971, Ali's long legal battle about his refusal to be drafted, on the grounds that he was a conscientious objector, finally made it to the Supreme Court. The film covers the inside story of the how the Justices wrangled with this case. Famous director BARRY LEVINSON, 71, plays Justice Stewart, with HARRIS YULIN, 75, as Justice Douglas, and Fritz Weaver, 87, as Justice Black.

A Quaker, Weaver was himself a "C.O." during WWII.  Probably best known for playing a German Jew in the blockbuster 1978 mini-series, "Holocaust,"  Weaver said a few years ago that WWII was, perhaps, the one war in his lifetime he should have fought in. He added that wife (since 1997), actress ROCHELLE OLIVER, 76, is Jewish.

"Ali" was directed by STEPHEN FREARS, 72, a top British director whose has helmed films in both the UK ("The Queen") and the States ("High Fidelity").  Raised an Anglican, and secular as an adult, he found out not long after his mother's death that she was born Jewish and that she was pleased that Frears was about to marry a Jewish woman (who has been his wife since 1992).

 Equally "different" is the background of the flick's screenwriter, Ms. SHAWN SLOVO, 63. Her late parents, JOE SLOVO and RUTH FIRST, were South African Jews who were prominent in the anti-apartheid fight. Her mother was murdered in 1982 by South African agents and her life was the subject of the 1988 film, "A World Apart," which Shawn wrote. Her father, a co-leader of the African National Congress' military wing, was a close friend of Nelson Mandela and was given a cabinet post when Mandela became South Africa's president in 1994.




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