Jews in the News: J.D. Salinger, Amy Schumer and Joseph Gordon-Levitt


ABBI JACOBSON and ILANA GLAZER are the co-stars of the new Comedy Central TV series, “Broad City.” The official description of the 10 episode series says: “Its an odd couple comedy about two best friends navigating their twenties in New York City whose adventures always lead down unexpected and outlandish paths. They're broke, flawed and don't shy away from the sticky situations NYC throws at them -- they dive right into the muck. But no matter how bad it gets, these young broads are always down with whatever hits them.”


“Broad City” morphed from a web-based series of the same name that Jacobson and Glazer created. The web show caught the eye of Amy Poehler, who became a big fan, and Poehler Is producing the TV show. (Premieres Wednesday, Jan. 22 at 10:30PM).


“Broad City” is part of of a “movement of sorts” in which funny, 'edgy' urban young women are getting their own cable shows. About two years ago, LENA DUNHAM's hit HBO show, “Girls,” helped launch this trend—and its not a shocker to learn that Dunham, 27, is friends with Jacobson and Glazer. Meanwhile, the critical and ratings success of “The Amy Schumer Show”, which began on Comedy Central last April, also helped pave the way for “Broad City.”


A new season of “The Amy Schumer Show” will begin this April. Also, AMY SCHUMER, 32, will star in a new JUDD APATOW-produced, film comedy called “Trainwreck.” It will begin filming soon and will open in July, 2015. Reports say that Apatow and Universal Studios are betting that Schumer, who wrote “Trainwreck,” will be the next big female comic star and they are giving her film a big budget and a “prime summer spot” for a comedy film opening.


Jews on Ice


Here’s this season’s National Hockey League, Jewish player round-up, prepared with the help of Jewish Sports Review magazine MIKE BROWN, 28, right wing, San Jose Sharks; MICHAEL CAMMALLERI, 31, left wing, Calgary Flames. "Cam", by the way, is his team's alternate captain; JEFF HALPERN, 37, center, Phoenix Coyotes; ERIC NYSTROM, 30, defenseman, Nashville Predators; TREVOR SMITH, 28, left wing, Toronto Maple Leafs. Smith played 25 NHL games this season. On injured reserve since mid-December; DAVID WARSHOFSKY, 23, defenseman, Boston Bruins. Warshofsky got called up to the big club in late December and played-in a few games-- replacing injured players. Its likely he will be commuting to Boston from Providence several more times this season; JASON ZUCKER, 22, left wing, Minnesota Wild. Last year, Zucker made his big league debut (20 games total) with the Wild, while playing most games in the minors. This year he has stayed-up with the “big club.” (Please note: one more NHL player is “pending confirmation”).


DVD Heads-Up, More


The acclaimed romantic comedy, “Enough Said,” was released to DVD/streaming media on Jan. 14. Written and directed by NICOLE HOLOFCENER, 52, it co-stars the late James Gandolfini, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and TAVI GEVINSON, 17, in her feature film debut. Well worth a rental.


Another acclaimed romantic comedy, “Don Jon,” was released to DVD on Dec. 31, 2013. It co-stars JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT, 32, in the title role and the young actor also wrote and directed the film. It co-stars SCARLETT JOHANSSON, 29.


Gordon-Levitt is also the creator of HitRecord, a collaborative artist company that has been web-based until now. On January 18, at 10PM, the newish PIVOT cable channel, will premiere HitRecord on TV, hosted by Gordon-Levitt. HitRecord's thing is to combine material from various artists to create short multi-media films that “work.” The TV show will feature short films, live conversations and performances.


The actor's father, DENNIS, is the CFO of HitRecord. He recently said of his left-wing Jewish parents, JANE GORDON and Dennis Levitt: “I think they both instilled into me the feeling that we're part of the world, and that's important---and that everybody's well being is tied into each other....They're hippies, but they were not so much about being flower children as getting things done...peace, civil rights, or the feminist movement—and they are still that way.”



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