Jews in the News: Harrison Ford, Soleil Moon Frye and Michael Douglas


Steinfeld provides the voice of ANNE FRANK for the just-opened, permanent exhibit on the legendary young author at the Los Angeles-based Museum of Tolerance. The Jewish Journal of Los Angeles says: “Anne’s voice and Anne’s words, as spoken by Steinfeld, animate and enliven throughout. Steinfeld’s voice is penetrating and bright even as it brings ominous news.” The new exhibit is the largest museum exhibit on Frank outside of Amsterdam, where the house where the Frank family hid from the Nazis was turned into a museum.


 “Last Vegas” is a comedy about four old friends who decide to throw a Las Vegas bachelor party for the only one of them who has remained single.  It stars MICHAEL DOUGLAS, 69, as the “last bachelor;” with Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman, and Robert DeNiro as the party throwers. Veteran JON TURTELTAUB, 50 (“Cool Runnings”, “National Treasure”) directs. The script is by DAN FOGELMAN, 37 (“Crazy, Stupid, Love”, “Cars”). (Opens on Nov. 1)


Greek-born French filmmaker Costa-Garvas has made political thrillers since the 1960s and, much more often than not, they are exciting and thought provoking films. Several of his (well worth viewing) films have focused on anti-Semitism, including “The Confession,” “Music Box,” and “Amen.” His new film, “Capital,” is about big-time global finance. A ruthless young executive (GAD ELMALEH, 42) takes over as CEO of a big French bank. His accession is jeopardized by hostile takeover attempt by an American hedge fund leader (Gabriel Byrne).


Elmaleh, a Morocco-born French Jew, is a very well-known as France as a stand-up comedian and comic actor.  A few months ago, it was widely reported that he was engaged to marry Princess Charlotte of Monaco, 27, the daughter of Princess Caroline. On Sept. 27, Elmaleh spoke to the Washington Post, which reports:  ‘“No, I’m not engaged,’ the comedian told us… Yes, the couple is expecting a baby at year’s end, but there’s no formal engagement, he says, despite what looks like a big diamond ring on Charlotte’s left hand. So either the press got it all wrong — or they’re faking us out in an attempt to pull off one of those surprise celebrity weddings.”


“Capital”, which is playing in November in a limited number of cities, probably won’t get a theater opening in Tampa. But make a mental note and look for it, in the near future, on DVD or via on-demand/streaming film services.


Oprah’s Back!


The 3rd season of the talk show, “Where Are They Now?,” hosted by Oprah Winfrey, begins on Sunday, Nov. 3,  at 10PM, on the “OWN” cable network.  The first show guests include actress SOLEIL MOON FRYE, 37; singer MICHAEL BOLTON, 60; and actress Lynda “Wonder Woman” Carter, 62. Frye, who is best known for playing the title role in the hit ‘80s kid show, “Punky Brewster,” was raised in her mother’s Jewish faith. She wed film producer JASON GOLDBERG, 40, in a Jewish ceremony in 1998 and the couple now have two kids, ages 5 and 8, and they are now expecting a third child.  She now focuses on her popular blog about “home stuff,” has a new book out about putting-on kids’ parties; and hosts the OWN "DIY" show, “Home Simple.”


Bolton, who had a string of “blue-eyed soul” hits in the ‘80s and ‘90s, rarely talks about being Jewish. However, in 2011, he told “Entertainment Weekly” that he was always a class clown, like ANDY SAMBERG, who he had just made an “SNL” short film with. He said, “Neither one of us had our bar mitzvah because we couldn’t take Hebrew school seriously.”  Carter, who isn’t Jewish, has been married since 1984 to media company exec ROBERT ALTMAN, 65, and their now-grown-up son and daughter were bar/bat mitzvah.


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