Guy Amir, Hanan Savyon and Sarah Silverman

Israeli Comedy Series; Silverman Hosts, Two Documentaries

“Bros” is an 8-episode, comedic Israeli series that premieres on Netflix on Nov. 9. This Hebrew language series was co-created by GUY AMIR, 46, and HANAN SAVYON, 47 and they are “Bros” co-stars. The Jerusalem Post recently called the duo the “kings of Israeli comedy”. They co-wrote, and co-starred-in, the hit TV series “Asfur”, and the hit movies, “Maktub” and “Forgiveness”.

Basic plot: Pini and Nisso (Savyon and Amir), inseparable childhood friends, are co-owners of a  Jerusalem bar. They are die-hard fans of soccer team Beitar Jerusalem. Their friendship is tested when their lives take unexpected turns, their bar faces closure and their favorite team is set to play the most important match in its history.

Sadly, I didn’t know, until very recently, that SARAH SILVERMAN, 52, was set to be the guest host of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central (which is also now streaming on Paramount+) from Nov. 6 to 11. However, no doubt you’ll be able to catch the Nov.6-7 episodes “on demand” and long excerpts will probably be on Youtube.

Two weeks ago, I had a long column item about a pro-Israel statement that was signed by many famous actors and comedians. The signers included LAURA SILVERMAN, 57, who is a comedian, like Sarah, her sister. I wondered if Sarah had a “different view” of the current “Hamas war”. However, not long after that column was written, I found out that it is very likely that some glitch explains why Sarah’s was not a signer. While no fan of Israel’s prime minister, Sarah has issued tweets, and done podcasts, that make it clear that she has taken a strong, pro-Israel stance. She’s broken former ties to domestic leftists who are now acting as Hamas apologists.

JON STEWART, who became famous as the host of The Daily Show, is well-known for his activism on behalf of 9/11 first responders and armed service veterans who have suffered from the effects of toxic substances that they encountered while doing their jobs. So, its not a surprise that Stewart is the host of a PBS Veterans Day special. Entitled “Salute to the Service”, this PBS program premieres on Nov.10, at 8PM (check local listings for encore showings).

I didn’t know that Stewart, 60, was a competent drummer until I saw a clip from the special. His drums backed up the United States Army Field Band. Other clips featured active servicemen who rapped and several active servicewomen who sang a song about a servicewoman killed in the line of duty.

“Gumbo Coalition” is a documentary that premiered on HBO/Max on Nov.6. It follows Mark Morial, an African-American leader, and Janet Murguara, a Latino leader, as they try forge a “minority alliance” to deter the Trump administration. The filmmaker is BARBARA KOPPLE, 77, a two-time Oscar winner who is almost legendary in her field.

Another documentary, “Albert Brooks Defending My Life”, premieres on HBO/Max on Nov. 11. The subject, of course, is the famous comedian and filmmaker ALBERT BROOKS, 76. The film was directed by ROB REINER, 76.  Reiner and Brooks have been each other’s best friends since their early adulthood (Brooks’ best friend in high school was RICHARD DREYFUSS, also 76).

The film will follow his very early work; his stand-up years, his short films for SNL, and his seven original motion pictures, including “Defending Your Life” “Modern Romance”, “Lost in America” and “Mother”. Quite a few Jewish celebs appear: LARRY DAVID, JAMES L. BROOKS, JUDD APATOW, ALANA HAIM, and JONAH HILL.

Over the years, I’ve mentally stored away a number of Brooks’ “factoids”. I hope they are covered in the documentary: (1) Albert Brooks was born Albert Einstein. His father, comedian HARRY EINSTEIN, clearly had a weird sense of humor to name his son “Albert”. By the way, Harry died “with his boots on”. He had a fatal heart attack immediately after he performed a funny “spiel” before a Friar’s Club audience;  (2) You might know that the late comedian BOB EINSTEIN (aka Super Dave Osborne), was Albert’s brother; (3) I happened to exchange some e-mails, years ago, with TIFFANY SHLAIN, 53, Brooks’ sister-in-law. She is a filmmaker and is active in the San Francisco-area Jewish community. This exchange made me curious about KIMBERLY SHLAIN BROOKS, now 56. She’s a distinguished painter and sculptor. She met Albert when he was in the Bay Area making his film “Mother” and 4) The couple's wedding (1997) was a "double first". It was a first wedding for both. The wedding was held in Congregation Sherith Israel Temple (San Francisco). This shul was founded months after the 1849 Gold Rush began. Kimberly and Albert have two children. The Brooks have a 20-year age gap. But, as they say, they are “still going strong” 26 years after their wedding.


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