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A Response to the Attack on Israel, Halloween Stuff, Billions


Creative Community for Peace (CCFP) is a non-profit, entertainment industry organization that views the arts as a bridge to peace, while, at the same time, it battles anti-Semitism and the Israel “disinvestment” campaign.

On Oct. 12, the CCFP released “Israel Under Attack---Open Letter”. 700 persons in the entertainment industry signed the CCFP open letter. Here is most of the Open Letter:

The nightmare that Israelis have feared for decades became a reality as Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli cities and towns….Under the cover of thousands of rockets fired indiscriminately into civilian populations, Hamas murdered and kidnapped innocent men, women, and children. They kidnapped and murdered infants and the elderly. They raped women and mutilated their bodies…This is terrorism. This is evil. There is no justification or rationalization for Hamas’ actions. These are barbaric acts of terrorism that must be called out by everyone. They are a terrorist organization whose leaders call for the murder of Jews everywhere…. As Israel takes the necessary steps to defend its citizens in the coming days and weeks, social media will be overrun by an orchestrated misinformation campaign spearheaded by Iran. We urge everyone to remember the horrific images that came out of Israel and to not amplify or fall for their propaganda…we hope for the day when Israelis and Palestinians can live side by side in peace.

Here’s a list of most of the actors, actresses, and comedians who signed. Also listed are a few prominent directors. In the interest of brevity, I had to omit some persons with few credits. If a name, below, is unfamiliar to you, just Google them. Persons with an asterisk hold Israeli citizenship.

Remember who signed--Jewish and not Jewish--and hold a place in your heart for them. I expect more names will be added to the list.

DAN AHDOOT, JASON ALEXANDER, Karen Allen, Brian Baumgartner, Greg Berlanti, JON BERNTHAL, MAYIM BIALIK, Danny Burstein,Tia Carrere, EMMANUELLE CHRIQUI, JAMIE LEE CURTIS, EFRAT DOR*, Shannen Doherty (sadly, she is terminally ill); MICHAEL DOUGLAS, ALEX EDELMAN, LISA EDELSTEIN, Veronica Falcón, ODED FEHR*. STEPHEN FRY, Antoine Fuqua, GAL GADOT*, Andy Garcia, Spencer Garrett, Nikki Glaser, ELON GOLD, JUDY GOLD, Jack Dylan Grazer (Jewish grandfather); GARY GUTMAN, Mark Hamill, Patricia Heaton, Michelle Hurd, MAXWELL JENKINS, RICKI LAKE, Amy Landecker (Jewish grandfather); CAROL LEIFER,  Zachary Levi, SAM LEVINSON, George Lopez, VANESSA MARCIL, HOWIE MANDEL, DAVID MAZOUZ, Michael McKean, ALINE BROSH McKENNA, DEBRA MESSING, Helen Mirren, Alfred Molina, ROB MORROW, Annette O’Toole (wife of Michael McKean); TRACY-ANN OBERMAN, JOSH PECK, Mekhi Phifer, JONAH PLATT (BEN PLATT’s brother); Chris Pine (Jewish grandfather); JEREMY PIVEN, Adam Reed, PETER RIEGERT, MICHAEL ROSENBAUM, PHIL ROSENTHAL, ELI ROTH, JEFFREY ROSS, BEN SAVAGE and his brother, FRED SAVAGE; MARK SCHIFF, LIEV SCHREIBER, AMY SCHUMER, ILIZA SHLESINGER, JERRY SEINFELD, RONA LEE-SHIMON*, LAURA SILVERMAN, Gary Sinise, NOA TISHBY*, BELLA THORNE, SHAUN TOUB, Sam Tramell, STEVEN WEBER, NOAH WYLE, IAN ZIERING.


Israel Under Attack - Open Letter - Creative Community for Peace



The annual deluge of Halloween-related shows and films is upon us. Here are three with a 'Jewish connection': “American Horror Stories” is a hit Hulu anthology series that begins its third, 8-episode season on Oct.26 (10PM). It was co-created by BRAD FALCHUK, 52, and he co-writes many episodes. The 3rd season cast lists are not out yet;  “South Park”, the hit Comedy Central animated series, also has “special” longer episodes. The 5th “special”, entitled “South Park: Joining the Panderverse”, premieres on Oct. 27 on Paramount+  Plot: Cartman (a major child character) has disturbing dreams and adults are upset by the way AI is skewering their world. “South Park” was co-created by MATT STONE, 52 (his mother is Jewish). He co-writes the show and voices many characters; The third, 8-episode season of “The Haunted Museum” premieres on the Travel channel on Oct.26 (10PM). Background: a (real) guy named Zak Bagans runs a horror and “supernatural” museum in Las Vegas. Items in the museum inspire dramatic episodes. ELI ROTH, 51 (see signers above), a top horror director, co-hosts with Bagans. At the start of an episode, they talk about the “episode inspiring” museum item.

The final episode of "Billions", the long-running Showtime series, will begin streaming on Oct. 29, 8PM. The series was co-created by BRIAN KOPPELMAN, 57, DAVID LEVIEN, 55, and ANDREW ROSS SORKIN, 46. They also wrote many episodes.  Koppelman and Levien were given the “greenlight” earlier this year to create new Showtime series.

Appearing in the finale are COREY STOLL, 47, who plays Michael Prince, a “big-time” rival of star character Chuck Rhodes (Paul Giamatti), and MAGGIE SIFF, 49, who plays Wendy, Rhodes’ wife (Siff’s father is Jewish and she identifies as Jewish).


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