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Marlena Schoenberg Fejzo, Michela Watkins and Rick Schoenberg

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Paint, a Movie; and the Amazing Schoenberg Family

“Paint” opens in theaters on April 7. The film centers on Carl Nargle (Owen Wilson) who has hosted Vermont’s #1 painting (TV) show for about 30 years. (The Nargle character is clea…

Zach Braff, Zoe Lister-Jones and Jackie Hoffman

Nate Bloom blogs on this week's Jews in the News

Zach Braff's Comeback?, Fonda and Tomlin; Sandler, Mark Twain Winner


“A Good Person” opens in select theaters on Mar. 24 and opens “wide” on Mar. 31. It was directed and written by ZACH BRAFF, 47. Florence Pugh stars as Ali…

Judd Hirsch, Daveed Diggs, David Schwimmer

Nate Bloom blogs on this week's Jews in the News.
Climate Change, Cartoon Indiana Jones, Leno’s Jewish Doctor, More
“Extrapolations” is a six-part Apple+ series that premieres on March 17. Here is part of the official description: "’Extrapolations" is…

Glenn Weiss, Ricky Kirshner and Diane Warren

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The Most Complete Guide to Jewish Oscar Nominees
The Academy Awards will be presented on Sunday, March 12, at 7PM (ABC). Jimmy Kimmel will host. The ceremony is produced by GLENN WEISS, 61, and his professional partner, RICKY KIRSHNER,…

Mel Brooks, Pamela Adlon and Evan Shafran

Nate Bloom blogs on this week's Jews in the News.

History of the World (2), Perry Mason Redux, Last of Us

On March 6, the highly anticipated series “History of the World, Part 2”, premieres on Hulu. Every MEL BROOKS’ fan knows that the “Part 1” was a hilarious 1981 film, directe…