11 2018

Jewish Book Festival Veterans Day Event

3:00PM - 4:30PM  

Bryan Glazer Family JCC 522 N Howard Ave
Tampa, FL 33606

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Afternoon RUSH Hour 

 Author;  Stephen Fried, Rush: Revolution, Madness & The Visionary Doctor Who Became A Founding Father.

Award-winning journalist and bestselling author Fried has written this remarkable story of Benjamin Rush, a medical pioneer and one of our nation’s most provocative and unsung Founding Fathers.  In 1776, 56 men put their quills to a document they called the Declaration of Independence.  Among them was a 30-year-old doctor named Benjamin Rush. 

Tickets are $10 and includes a Gourmet Coffee Bar with Pick-Me-Up Snack Buffet.

Author; Dick Berman, The Machalniks.  

Berman’s novel describes the true story of Jewish American World War II airmen who volunteered to smuggle weapons to the Jews living in Palestine and creating the first Israeli Air Force.  It’s 1948, and a second holocaust looms.  Five Arab countries have vowed to annihilate the unarmed 600,000 Jews living in Palestine when Israel is declared a State. 

Tickets are $18 and include a deli dinner.