12 2015

JetSetters Meditation

11:00AM - 1:00PM  

Maureen & Douglas Cohn Jewish Community Campus 13009 Community Campus Dr.
Tampa, FL 33625
813-264-9000 (Phone)
813-265-6450 (Fax)

Join the JetSetters for an intorduction to Meditation, presented by Lucky Cat Yoga.  

This class is designed to introduce you to guided meditation. This is a stress reducing      practice that focuses on breathing, stillness and the art of letting go.  Lying on your back, in a supported recline, or in a chair, we will guide you through breathing techniques that help relax deep layers of the mind and body.  This ancient practice will help you harness your thoughts and quiet your mind.  Guided meditation attempts to keep you in a twilight state between being awake and asleep. Our practice will include neck releases, wrists and shoulder rolls and several fluid variations that target excess tension in our body.  We     suggest you wear comfortable clothing.