19 2015

Schaarai Zedek Adult Education with Rabbi

7:30PM - 9:00PM  

Congregation Schaarai Zedek 3303 W Swann Ave
Tampa, FL 33609-4643
(813) 876-2377 (Phone)
(813) 873-1401 (Fax)

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(813) 876-2377 (Phone)
(813) 873-1401 (Fax)

Join Rabbi Birnholz As He Explores

The Anatomy of a Jewish Joke: “Two Jews Come to a Rabbi…”
7:30 pm at Congregation Schaarai Zedek

Jewish jokes take many forms.  Some are philosophical.  Others are barbed or outright anti-Semitic.  Each joke can be analyzed from different perspectives and each has its own tale to tell. Debate what makes a joke Jewish.  Discuss why a joke was written and what it says about the Jewish mindset.  And laugh a little along the way.

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