29 2023

Cheshbon HaNefesh — Getting ready for the High Holy Days using Psalms

7:00PM - 8:00PM  

Victoria Cain-Stull 2030 West Fletcher Ave
Tampa, FL 33612

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The Yamim Noraim (The Days of Awe, or the High Holy Days) won't be as meaningful as they can be if we don't prepare ourselves for them. Our tradition teaches us to spend the weeks leading up to Rosh Hashana in a process called Cheshbon HaNefesh--an accounting of the soul. This year, we'll be diving into the Psalms (our ancient poems of faith and struggle) to frame our discussions. Each session will have a brief meditation, some discussion, and time for personal reflection, as well. There will be journaling time at each session, so please bring something to write in. As always, all are invited--member and non-members are welcome. We'll meet in person, but also invite people to join us on Zoom

Sponsor: Congregation Beth Am of Tampa