8 2016

Beth Am Adults at Leisure

12:30PM - 2:00PM  

Congregation Beth Am 2030 West Fletcher Avenue
Tampa, FL 33612

Contact Victoria Cain-Stull

Zahav will meet on Tuesday, March 8, 12:30 pm, at Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant located at 4110 West Boy Scout Blvd. Telephone 813 873-9463.  Our reservation is for 12:30pm. There is a free parking lot available.  I would suggest a car pool from the temple to leave at 11:45 am, if you so desire. Reservations are due without exception no later than Friday, March 4.  I would need to know if you are going directly there or will carpool and would be willing to be a driver.  Cooper's Hawk also features a gift shop and wine tasting room.  So, along with a nice lunch, there are fun things to do.

Maxine Gourse, Zahav Coordinator