The Need is Urgent


The estimated 200,000 Jews living in Ukraine have been profoundly affected by the political and economic instability that have wracked the country. Thousands are trapped in conflict zones in the east. Thousands more have fled the fighting. Federations are planning to allocate millions of dollars to our partner agencies on the ground. But the urgent needs continue.


 Immediate and short term needs already total $20 million and include:

  •     Helping people make Aliyah to Israel
  •     Securing the local community and its institutions
  •     Maintaining critical welfare services
  •     Assisting internally displaced people in multiple locations
  •     Launching an emergency hotline
  •     Securing temporary housing for people in transit
  •     Purchasing satellite phones to maintain communications across the region
  •     Securing five Jewish schools and training staff to manage crisis needs


Our brothers and sisters in Ukraine are counting on us.

Will you be there?


Our Federation is committed to being a part of the global Jewish response to this crisis and is immediately raising and sending funds to support our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.


As always, Federation will absorb all administrative costs so that 100 percent of funds collected will support those impacted by the crisis.


Jewish Federations led their first humanitarian aid mission to the Poland/Ukraine border, providing support for refugees and seeing our partner agencies' tremendous work on the ground.


Another mission is set for this week, with two more planned for early April.

Federation Leadership Fly-in to Ukraine Border