Professional Societies

of the Tampa JCCs & Federation


The Professional Societies of the Tampa JCCs and Federation is open to donors representing the entrepreneurial, financial service, legal, medical and real estate industries, trades and professions who make a minimum of $1,000 to the Annual Campaign. Professionals age 35 and under must contribute a minimum of $360 to the Annual Campaign.


Professional Societies convenes, connects and catalyzes individuals committed to the work of the Tampa JCCs and Federation by industry, shared interests and involvements through high level social, networking and educational opportunities. Offering another point of access for community involvement, this professional society connects, inspires and engages members of our community so that together we can help individuals in Tampa and around the world live with dignity, meaning and purpose.


What this professional society has to offer:

  • Networking within and across professions
  • Access to local and national speakers
  • Potential leadership opportunities within the Jewish community
  • A forum to discuss issues from a Jewish perspective


Society members strengthen and impact the Tampa JCCs and Federation and the Jewish Community through:

  • Engaging in philanthropic support
  • Developing camaraderie and a sense of community
  • Providing increased or deepened leadership commitments


The Professional Societies of the Tampa JCCs and Federation is a new professional giving society conceptualized to bring together individuals from the previously existing Cardozo Society (legal), Montefiore Society (financial service) and the Maimonides Society (medical), and expand our reach to include professionals from the entrepreneurial and real estate communities.

  • Cardozo Society of Tampa Bay

    he Cardozo Society is an honorary society for Jewish attorneys in the Tampa Bay area that aims to celebrate the legal profession's commitment to the principles of the Federation. The society sponsors programs that integrate Jewish and legal concerns and provide educational, leadership, social and networking opportunities for attorneys.

  • Maimonides Society of Tampa Bay

    The Maimonides Society of Tampa is a fellowship of physicians and dentists and other health care professionals who seek to strengthen the bonds between themselves, Israel and the broader Jewish community. The Maimonides Society includes health care professionals who are committed to the highest ideals of the health-care profession. They serve as resources to the Jewish and general community whenever leadership might be needed, whether in areas of philanthropy, health action, or scholarship.

  • Montefiore Society

    The mission of the Montefiore Society is develop a sense of camaraderie among Jewish accountants, stock brokers, bankers, financial planners and advisors, insurance brokers, investment consultants, wealth management advisors and others in financial services across Tampa Bay through education and leadership, while working together to enhance the quality of Jewish life in our local community, nation and across the globe.