6 2013

Beth Am Radical Judaism, A New Study Group

1:00PM - 2:30PM  

Congregation Beth Am 2030 W. Fletcher Ave.
Tampa, FL 33612

Contact Victoria Cain-Stull

Radical Judaism, by Rabbi Arthur Green, explores his own beliefs, and the Judaism which flows out of those beliefs. Rabbi Green argues that we can embrace science, evolution and human authorship of the Bible, and in doing so, we can actually make our religious lives stronger. Based in ancient mystical systems, but utterly Modern, rational and scientific, Rabbi Green challenges everything we think we know about God, the meaning of existence, Torah, Judaism and more. It's a challenging, powerful, beautiful, difficult book, and we're going to learn it together!


We'll be getting together to work through the book, section by section, exploring Rabbi Green's ideas. No previous knowledge is necessary, just a willingness to tackle a hard topic with a group of fellow students.


The group will meet on Tuesdays through the summer (except June 25 and July 9), and possibly beyond. The book is available online and through most book sellers. Feel free to contact Rabbi Rosenberg if you have any questions. If you can, please read the Introduction before the first class.