Gifted and Talented Summer at the J


The Gifted and Talented Summer at the J is a summer program for children entering Kindergarten who are gifted. Fun, hands on activities help children who are deep, reflective thinkers as they ask questions, conduct research, problem-solve and take leaps of imagination.


June 7 - July 30, 2021

9am - 4pm

Before and After Care is Available


Experiences promote academic, social, and emotional development through science, literature, music, art, and so much more. We ignite the spark of intellect helping students discover their unique gifts and interests in a nurturing environment with low teacher-student ratios.


Curious students inspire each other! In addition to building on children’s gifts in a classroom setting, children participate in exciting summer camp activities, including games, swimming and nature hikes. Plus, strict protocols help keep everyone safe and healthy, while having fun with our friends!


The admissions process includes an interview and testing with a school psychologist. We are committed to a rigorous approach to assessment so we can provide children with the appropriate level of challenge. The admissions process aims to be consistent, transparent, and fair to all students. The deadline for applying is May 3rd. 


Gifted and Talented Summer at the J Costs:

$25 Non-refundable Application Fee

$2,245 Full session tuition (8 weeks)

Scholarships and financial assistance are available for those who meet eligibility.



Who is gifted?


Gifted children are a very small proportion of the population, typically the top 3-5% in intelligence. They are a small group and can be challenging to identify.  Children who are gifted are not necessarily high achievers in classrooms.


Early Childhood Division of the National Association of Gifted Children identifies the following characteristics of young gifted children, which can include (but are not limited to):

  • the use of advanced vocabulary and/or the development of early reading skills,
  • keen observation and curiosity,
  • an unusual retention of information,
  • periods of intense concentration,
  • an early demonstration of talent in the arts,
  • task commitment beyond same-age peers, and
  • an ability to understand complex concepts, perceive relationships, and think abstractly.

Please download application and submit the completed application to


The deadline for applying is May 3rd.

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Questions? Contact Jen Goldberg:


JCC on the Cohn Campus

13009 Community Campus Drive Tampa, Florida 33625