The Tampa Federation addresses the most pressing issues facing our community every day by funding current needs for our community and around the world.




We support a community-wide network of organizations that do two things...

Care for people in need here, in Israel and around the world

Nurture and sustain the Jewish community today and for future generations

We are a trusted partner to Tampa's Jewish community.


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Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we make a meaningful impact on the lives of so many and enrich the quality of Jewish life in our community and beyond.


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Federation Programs Transform Young Lives

For three years, Marc – a volunteer from Jewish Federation – made the trek each week through city neighborhoods, across a concrete playground, to an inner city school, where he tutored Deron, helping him to read and gain confidence. Thanks in part to Marc’s commitment, Deron – one of the many disadvantaged kids that Jewish Federation volunteers tutor across North America -- went on to college, and has a brighter future ahead of him. Learn about how programs funded by Jewish Federation transform the lives of young people, and watch Marc tell his story in his own words. 

Rebuilding a Family and a Future

When Judith, a widowed 67-year-old, was awarded custody of her five teenage grandchildren, she realized she’d need a bit of assistance. So she turned to her local Federation, which offered her food, school supplies, clothing, and even lent her financial support to sign a lease for a bigger house. Judith's grandchildren finally have the stable home they need and deserve. And they now know they can rely on both their grandmother and Federation for ongoing support. 

Improving Education in a Town Under Fire 

Daniela is a 16-year-old whose quiet nature belies innate leadership qualities. She is one of seven children born to immigrant parents from Yemen; her father is disabled and unemployed, and her mother sustains the family with a string of menial jobs. 


A push from Jewish Federation and its partner agency World ORT is helping propel this promising young woman forward.


More about Daniela's transformed life >>