Jewish Leadership Training Institute

"All great leaders start somewhere and for those living in the Tampa Bay area, they can start with JLTI. The program's main thrust is developing and mentoring young adults to become the Jewish community leaders of tomorrow." - Jonathan Ellis, Past President of the Tampa JCCs & Federation.

Mazel Tov to the Jewish Leadership Training Institute Class of 2018-2019!


Kory Blair Ilana Goldenberg
Jarrod Bray Arda Goker
Andrea Cohen Dor Haim
Lauren Dunayer Danielle Halevi
Jennifer Feld Dana Leorda
Mark Finkelstein Diana Lott
Daniel Fleischbein Honor Rodgers
Emily Fregger Josef Rosen
Lennie Friedman Jennifer Scher
Sara Gans Jordyn Schwersky
Joe Gendelman Scot Seplowe
J. Zachary Godfrey Ella Shenhav
  David Steinberg


About the Jewish Leadership Training Institute


Are you a young Jewish adult ages 25-40 with a passion for making a difference? Want to take a leadership role in making the Jewish community stronger? Experience the Jewish Leadership Training Institute (JLTI).


The Tampa Jewish Federation and the Jewish Federation of Pinellas & Pasco Counties invite emerging young leaders from the Tampa Bay area to participate in this innovative, eleven-program, leadership development experience. Now in its 14th year, JLTI is designed to inspire young professionals to get involved and take on leadership roles in the Tampa Bay Jewish community. Throughout the years, graduates have held leadership positions on boards and committees of local Jewish organizations and agencies on both sides of the Bay.


The cost to participate in JLTI is $99, which includes course materials and dinner during each session.  


The application process for 2018-2019 has now concluded, and this year’s program will run October 2018-February 2019. For more information about applying for JLTI in 2019-2010, please contact Lisa Robbins (Tampa Jewish Federation) at 813.769.4723 or email , or Emilie Socash (Jewish Federation of Pinellas & Pasco Counties) at 727.530.3223 or email

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This year’s JLTI 2018-2019 Class: (Front Row) Dor Haim, Emily Fregger, Jennifer Feld, Lennie Friedman, Jordyn Schwersky, Honor Rodgers, Sara Gans, Jennifer Scher, Jarrod Bray and Bryan Glazer. (Back Row) Andrea Cohen, Danielle Halevi, Kory Blair, Diana Lott, Zach Godfrey, Lauren Dunayer, Scot Seplowe, David Steinberg, Mark Finkelstein, Josef Rosen, Ilana Goldenberg, Daniel Fleischbein and Ella Shenhav. Not pictured: Arda Goker and Dana Leorda.


  • Enjoy an exclusive discussion at One Buc Place with philanthropist Bryan Glazer, Co-chairman of the
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Attend the Tampa Jewish Federation’s Annual President’s Dinner
  • Visit the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator and learn about Tampa’s innovation ecosystem
  • Develop an understanding of the Tampa Bay Jewish community


  • Jewish Community 101
  • Leadership
  • Philanthropy
  • Our Jewish Future
  • Jewish Identity
  • Making a Difference
  • Israel

For more information about JLTI, please contact Lisa Robbins (Tampa Jewish Federation) at 813.769.4723 or email, or
Emilie Socash (Jewish Federation of Pinellas & Pasco Counties) at 727.530.3223 or email

“A critical piece of JLTI is that it introduced me to key leaders in the community, people who have been at the table a long time and gave me some insight into how decisions are made. It’s enabled me to create relationships with successful people who have been willing to be a sounding board as I’ve gotten more deeply involved and invested in the community.”

– Joe Probasco (2007 JLTI Graduate)

“JLTI helped make Federation more tangible. I gained more exposure to the community and better understood how Federation helps and supports people in here in Tampa and around the world. I was also connected to other like-minded people who want to heal the world. Everyone who participates has the passion, drive and will to dedicate themselves to making the world a better place.”

– Carlyn Neuman (2007 JLTI Graduate)

“It was very meaningful to lead an organization that has a goal of caring for and enhancing the lives of the elderly, which is one of the biggest mitzvahs we can do. JLTI introduced me to the variety of local Jewish organization and sparked my passion for Jewish involvement.”

– Aaron Silberman (2009-2010 JLTI Graduate)


 “I felt it was my duty to give back to the Jewish community and bring a fresh approach to the local Jewish boards. We were encouraged to get involved and take the bull by the horns.”

– David Delrahim (2011-2012 JLTI Graduate)


 “JLTI gave me a broad picture and greater understanding of Jewish activity in the Tampa Bay area. As a new member of the Tampa Jewish Federation Board, having learned about the various organizations through JLTI has certainly helped me understand their different functions and roles in our community. JLTI laid a foundation for me to grow within the Jewish community and my interest and involvement in the community has grown exponentially each year.”

– Ashley Simon (2013-2014 JLTI Graduate)


 “After the first meeting, where I mostly sat in observation learning the dynamic of the group, I remember one of my fellow board members telling me, politely, that I should speak up more next time because I represented the young demographic and they were interested in my opinion. I realized that at the time, being the youngest person on the board, I was now empowered to really help steer the Brotherhood in a direction that would appeal to not just the older generation that had traditionally been the makeup of the group, but also to my generation.”

– Kip Goulder (2013-2014 JLTI Graduate)