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Jews in the News

Jews in the News: R.L Stine, Daniel Radcliffe and William Shatner

At the Movies


“The Giver” is a “dystopian” action-adventure film based on a multi-award winning, young adult novel of the same name. In the future, mankind has apparently solved all its problems—but one young man, Jonas (Brenton Thwaites), discovers that this harmony comes at a terrible price. Playing Jonas’ friend and love interest, Fiona, is ODEYA RUSH, 17, who was born in Haifa. Her first name means “Thanks to God” in Hebrew.  She moved to America when she was nine (her father took a job with an American security company). “The Giver” has a great supporting cast, including Jeff Bridges, Meryl Streep, Taylor Swift, and Alexander Skarsgård.(Opens wide on Friday, Aug. 15)


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Jews in the News: Patricia Arquette, Lois Clarke Garner and Ralph Lauren

At the Movies


Virtually every critic is describing “Boyhood” as a great film and an amazing accomplishment. It was filmed over 12 years (2001-2013) with the same cast. The central character is Mason, Jr., played by Ellar Coltrane, who is six years old when the film begins. Largely through his eyes, we watch him grow-up, literally, until he is 18 and a high school graduate. In other words, Coltrane, the star of the film, was really six years old when filming began and now really is 19. (Opens August 1 in most cities)


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Jews in the News: Paul Reiser, Jason Segel & Michael Douglas

New on the Tube


“Married” began on the FX channel on July 17. New episodes air Thursdays at 10PM.  Nat Faxon and Judy Greer co-star as a married couple who try to remember what brought them together as they find themselves overwhelmed with things like child care and bills. Comedian BRETT GELMAN, 37, co-stars as A.J., a newly-divorced guy who is one of the couple’s best friends. Another best friend, Jess, is played by comedian JENNIFER SLATE, 32.  Jess is an ex-“party girl” whose much older husband (PAUL “Mad About You” REISER, 57) tries to keep up with her.


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Jews in the News: Ben Savage, Steven Spielberg and Jerry Newberger

New TV Shows



BEN SAVAGE, 33, co-stars in “Girl Meets World” (“GMW”) which started on the Disney Channel on Friday, June 27, at 9:45 PM. Savage co-starred as Cory Matthews on the ABC series “Boy Meets World” (“BMW”) from 1993-2000. It followed Cory from elementary school through college. During the last season of “BMW”, Cory married his long-time girlfriend, Topanga, who was played by Danielle Fishel, now 33.


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Jews in the News: Woody Allen, Eric Dane and Jody Shapiro

Jersey Boys


The film version of the big stage hit musical, “Jersey Boys,” about the lives and careers of the members of the famous 1960s pop/rock singing group, “The Four Seasons,” opens on Friday, June 20.  I hope that Clint Eastwood, 84, confounds pundits who claim he was an odd and probably-not-right choice to direct this film.

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Jews in the News: Idina Menzel, Ansel Elgort and Art Sherman

Tony Time


The Tony awards, for excellence in the Broadway theater, will be broadcast, live, by CBS on Sunday, June 8, at 8PM EDT. Hugh Jackman hosts. Here are the Jewish nominees in the “marquee” categories: Lead actress, musical: IDINA MENZEL, 42, “If/Then”; Featured actor, play: STEPHEN FRY, 56, “Twelfth Night”; Featured actress, play: MARE WINNINGHAM, 55, “Casa Valentina” and SOPHIE OKENEDO, 46, “A Raisin in the Sun”; Featured actor, musical: DANNY BURSTEIN, 49, “Cabaret” and JAROD SPECTOR, 34, “Beautiful: The Carole King Musical”.


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Jews in the News: Sarah Silverman, Sean Penn and Randy California

At the Movies: with Asides


Three Tampa theaters are presenting special screenings of “Driving Miss Daisy” this coming week and next. (See schedule below and check local theater listings. There is probably only one showing per day listed below).


NO, this isn’t a re-showing of the Oscar-winning 1989 film (based on ALFRED UHRY’s 1987 play). Rather, it is a film record of the play as it was presented on the Australian stage last year. Angela Lansbury, now 88, stars as Daisy Wertern, a proud Southern Jewish woman, with James Earl Jones, now 83, co-starring as Hoke, her compassionate chauffeur.


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Jews in the News: Adam Sandler, Michael Douglas and Larry Kramer


At the Movies: Opening May 23


My opinion: ADAM SANDLER, now 47, made a couple of crude, but still really funny comedies at the start of his career, like “The Waterboy” (1998). He has also made a few dramas (like “Spanglish”) with very good directors that were intelligent films, but didn’t quite work. But, I agree with critics that just about all his comedies since 1998 have been crude, with few funny moments (even though many were box office smashes). The exceptions are the two charming films he made with Drew Barrymore—“The Wedding Singer” and “50 First Dates.” The pair has chemistry. So, here’s hoping that “Lended” doesn’t end this streak. Adam and Drew play single parents who go on a bad blind date, but by coincidence later end up sharing a suite at an African resort for a week.

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Jews in the News: Art Sherman, Barbara Walters and Andi Dorfman

A Real Cinderella Story


California Chrome, the winner of this year’s Kentucky Derby (held on May 3),  is a for-real Cinderella story, as are his owners and trainer.  The horse is owned and was bred by Perry Martin and Steve Coburn, who live, respectively, in a small city in far Northern California and in a small Nevada town near Lake Tahoe. Neither earns much money as an engineer and press operator, respectively, but they took a chance and bred two horses, worth $10,500 together, and got a foal (California Chrome) that showed early promise.


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Jews in the News: Seth Rogan, James Franco and Jason Isaacs

Neighbors, Opens May 9—Funny and Real Kosher


“Neighbors” comes to theaters with two things going for it. It has got great advance reviews from respected media outlets. Also, it is an incredibly “tribe heavy” Hollywood comedy. The plot: SETH ROGEN, 32, and Rose Byrne play a nice couple with a young baby who try to be friendly when a wild fraternity takes over a house next to their home. But the couple quickly loses their patience with the frat’s all-night “rages” and a war-of-sorts ensues. Zac Efron, who has a Jewish grandparent, plays the head of the frat.


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